Dua To Thank Allah After Duas Get Accepted

Dua To Thank Allah After Duas Get Accepted

Humans are created with many desires while living their life on earth. Responding to all our wishes, as faithful servants, we should ask only Allah SWT. The way we can do to ask the Almighty to help us is through the Duas that we say.

Everyone wants requests and hopes, which they pour into duas, to be granted. It undoubtedly would be delighted if our duas were answered as soon as we said them.

Granting duas is solely the choice of Allah SWT. As obedient servants of Allah, we only must ask Him and believe that Allah is the only One who can fulfill our requests. The matter of time and how He answers our duas, only He knows. So we still must be tawakkal to Allah and combine it with faith.

In the Quran, Allah promises that if someone sincerely asks him through dua, He will answered it. It is also stated in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 186.

As Muslims, we should be grateful when our hopes and duas are granted by Allah. Our request that Allah SWT has granted proves that He always protects and sees His servants. As a form of gratitude, don’t forget to read dua when our wishes have come true.

We all must know what to say when we thank Allah for the blessings that He has given, including granting our duas.

Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wassalam has taught that when a Muslim finds that his duas has been granted by Allah SWT (such as being healed from an illness or safely returning from a journey), then he can thank Allah by saying the following words:

dua to thank allah

Being grateful is the nature of the Prophets, who always thanked Allah the Almighty for the blessings that have been given. They also were grateful even when they had many obstacles and trials. That is an example of noble people.

There are so many virtues of being thankful, here are some of the integrity of being grateful in Islam:

  • It is a way to remember and acknowledge the power of Allah.
  • Get a blessed life.
  • It is to recognize the perfection of Allah.
  • It is a trait of a believer.
  • Keep away from arrogant nature and other heart ailments.

May we all be able to get rid of our arrogance and keep remembering how Allah SWT has been so kind to us all.


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