Madinah Is Now Coronavirus Free, Days After Opening Masjid an Nabawi

madinah saudi arabia coronavirus free

Madinah, the City of Prophet (PBUH), is now Coronavirus free and thus has opened the doors to Prophet’s Mosque.

A report on Province of Madina was published by The News Media Publisher Gulf News which stated that the considered province is now free from the virus after the recovery of Al Ais’s last 13 patients. It was also among the rest Mosques that were to be reopened from Sunday within Saudi Arabia.

The health ministry disclosed that the last patient that was being treated within Al Ais now recovers from the COVID-19 and Al Madina province doesn’t possess a single case of coronavirus. Almost 30 thousand people reside within this province.

Madinah has now been declared Coronavirus free

Authorities further shared that almost 1.60 thousand people were tested positive from the coronavirus within the Kingdom with almost 1.3 thousand deaths. The accumulated recovery so far is 105,175 until today.

Moreover, the authorities of the country have also lifted its nationwide curfew that was formed in the country. They have also resumed their businesses and work but with maintaining strong SOPs as preventive measures in their work processes.

The kingdom has also banned tourists from visiting and making religious pilgrimages this year and even Hajj, in order to avoid further health damage.

State media has announced that only a restricted amount of locals or the people present within Saudia would be able to take part in the pilgrimages.

Otherwise, about 2 million people would have appeared this year to visit Makkah and Madinah for the yearly gathering.

Fears were being circulated concerning the complete cancellation of Hajj this year.

Generally, religious pilgrimages are the most important aspects of the lives of Muslims and their religious calendar. However, this year only locals or the people present within Saudia would be given the chance to follow Hajj

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