Kid Losses His Finger and Eye After His Phone Explodes While Charging

Kid Losses His Finger and Eye After His Phone Explodes While Charging
Photo Credit: GEO TV

Phone explodes as a 12 years old boy in China suffers a horrific injury as he puts the phone on charge and kept using it for as his phone gets charged. All of a sudden that mobile phone explodes and it cost that little boy his partial eyesight and a finger!

Men Jisu a 12-year boy living in the Chinese region of Guangxi was about to pick up his phone of his table as his phone was plugged in with a charger when his phone exploded. ripping away his one finger as shown in the x-ray photo of his injury above.

Men Jisu was found covered in his blood when his elder sister saw her she was freaked out to see his younger brother fallen unconscious. After his family rushed him to the hospital, the doctor examined him and found that he has lost his partial eyesight as well as his index finger.

Men Jisu has to go through five hours long surgery by doctors and still admitted to Hospital and doctor have stated that he is still in critical condition. After this news, Chinese media searched for the mobile which explodes while charging. The found the was exploded was locally made in China, named Hua Tang VT-V59.

According to the doctor, they can never bring back his fringer which he has lost during this incident. He further said, not even a cosmetic finger can be reattached to his finger, so in short, he will never get his right hand’s index finger back.

“The specialists likewise completed skin join on his correct lower arm, reattached the veins of his thumb, center finger and ring finger onto his correct hand,” Daily Mail stated.

Men Jisu hoped to recover all the wounds soon but still is not in good condition and doctors are working their best.

Photo Credits: GEO TV

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