Mumbai College Relaxes Burqa Ban After Student Protests

Mumbai College Relaxes Burqa Ban After Student Protests

There have been allegations that burqa-wearing students were not allowed inside a college in Mumbai.

There has been a lot of tension around this allegation. As a result, students and their parents protested in front of the college.

According to Indian media, the incident took place at NG Acharya and DK Marathi College in Chembur. Meanwhile, videos of students protesting have gone viral on social media.

They complain that for religious reasons they have been going to college for a long time after wearing the burqa. But on this day they were blocked outside the gate of the college.

Last August 1, a ban on wearing a burqa was issued in that college. It was informed that after entering the campus with a burqa and hijab, they should take it off in the washroom and wear school clothes. According to the college, the uniform policy will be strictly enforced from August 8. All students must be in school uniform on campus including classrooms.

The burqa-wearing students complained that they were stopped at the gate on Thursday. They were not allowed to enter the college.

It may be noted that the college has introduced uniforms for class XI and XII students from June 15. Accordingly, girls should wear a kurta, salwar kameez, and veil.

And to wear a shirt and trousers. Since the girls of the Muslim community wore burqa and hijab over their uniforms, the college was barred outside their gates. The girls requested to be allowed to change their veils in the washroom of the college and wear school clothes.

Eventually, students were allowed to enter the campus wearing burqas and hijabs after protests and the intervention of police and political leaders. But asked to go to the washroom to change clothes. They can wear hijab as long as the class lasts. After the class is over, you can wear the veil again and go out.

The principal of the college said, ‘Students must be in uniform in the campus including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, canteens, and gymnasiums. Senior college students do not have uniforms and are not prohibited from wearing burqas and hijabs on campus.

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