Muslim Women Run Clinic In Hyderabad Treated 25,000 Women For Free

Muslim Women Run Clinic In Hyderabad Treated 25000 Women In 2021

HYDERABAD: An all-Muslim women-run clinic in a city served 25,000 patients last year. The program has helped poor women wean themselves off it. The clinic spared the poor quacks and self-medication.

Women saved one and a half crore rupees in consultation fees, pills, and other expenses for procedures involving surgery.

Although Masjid Mohammed Mustafa Clinic in Rajendranagar caters exclusively to female patients. The staff is all made up of women: doctors, nurses, and paramedics. About 200 women visit the clinic every day.

In Rajendranagar Mandal, the clinic offers medical and health care to women and girls living in 30 slums.

An analysis of a survey conducted at the end of one year revealed 75% of chronic illness patients avoided unnecessary treatments, doctor shopping, and quacks.

Support comes from SEED, an NGO in the US, and an NRI from the US, which runs the clinic (HHF). It was the first clinic of its kind to introduce unique health programs to local communities.

In addition to wellness programs for the general public, there are programs providing health care to the community, such as ophthalmology and dentistry. 80 percent of the women in the survey reported general health improvement.

Moreover, clinic visits have considerably decreased from two to three per month to almost nothing.

The bond between long-term patients and their families has significantly improved for about 20 percent of patients with chronic illness.

The study found that 48% of the 1,248 women over 30 screened for NCDs because of being overweight or other risk factors, such as family background and lifestyle. Fifty-three percent of the women had a BMI of 25 or higher, putting them in grade 2 obesity.

Women with hypertension and those with diabetes comprise 18% of the population. Their health condition was not known to them.

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