21 Muslim Women Featured in The List of BBC 100 Women 2020

Muslim Women BBC 100 Women 2020 1

BBC 100 Women 2020: The stories of people’s success are beneficial for spreading hopes for a better future during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nowadays, it is essential to spread more success stories of Muslim women to end misconceptions and damaging stereotypes.

As 2020 is about to end, the list of 100 influencing women worldwide has been revealed by the BBC. Muslim women are also a part of that list, which is very inspiring to see. Here down below are some women mentioned.

Bilkis Dadi

Bilkis Dadi
India Times

An Indian Muslim woman who is 82 years old named Bilkis belonging from New Delhi. She took part in protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act with a group of women.

Sarah Al-Amiri

Sarah Al Amiri

In the United Arab Emirates cabinet, The Minister of State for advanced Technology is Sarah Al-Amiri. She controls the UAE space agency.

Somaya Faruqi

Somaya Faruqi

The leader of Afghan all-girls robotics team Afghan Dreamers is Somaya Faruqi.

Somaya and her team decided to make low-cost ventilators for patients When the first case of Covid was announced in Afghanistan.


With the help of 10 women, Iman managed to create a solar microgrid which gives clean and low impact energy.

Safaa Kumari

Safaa Kumari, a Syrian plant virologist, tries to find cures to epidemics that destroy crops. Syria goes through food insecurity, which makes the work more significant.

Full List of Muslim Women on BBC 100 Women 2020

  1. Houda Abouz
  2. Sarah Al-Amiri
  3. Waad al-Kateab
  4. Ubah Ali
  5. Nisreen Alwan
  6. Nadeen Ashraf
  7. Bilkis
  8. Ilwad Elman
  9. Somaya Faruqi
  10. Iman Ghaleb Al-Hamli
  11. Gülsüm Kav
  12. Salsabila Khairunnisa
  13. Mahira Khan
  14. Safaa Kumari
  15. Hayat Mirshad
  16. Sania Nishtar
  17. Laleh Osmany
  18. Febfi Setyawati
  19. Nasrin Sotoudeh
  20. Rima Sultana Rimu
  21. Aisha Yesufu

As the list goes further, a Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu who demands good governance in her country. A Syrian activist, journalist Waad al- Kataeb and also an award-winning filmmaker. Moreover, Ubah Ali, who is a co-founder of Solace for Somaliland Girls.

At the forefront of the Somali peace process is a young female leader named Ilwad Elman. Henden activist Afghani Laleh Osmany which is the leader of WhereIsMyName campaign moreover, Febfi Setyawati who is an Indonesian activist.

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