Indian Woman Anju Gets Land As A Gift For Accepting Islam In Pakistan


Anju, an Indian woman who made news both at home and abroad after flying to Upper Dir and marrying a Pakistani man, has gotten a plot of land and other presents as a show of appreciation for accepting Islam.

Mohsin Khan Abbasi, the chief executive officer of a real estate company situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, gave Anju the presents, which included Rs50,000 and 10 marla homeland after she converted to Islam.

In a surprising turn of events, the 35-year-old Indian divorcee traveled to Pakistan legally on a valid visa and married Nasrullah, a 29-year-old Facebook acquaintance, after choosing Islam as her chosen religion.

A video of Abbasi visiting Anju and Nasrullah at their home has leaked on social media.

He stated in the video that he gave the items to Anju to make her feel at home in Pakistan.

On July 22, a mother of two from Kailor in India’s Uttar Pradesh entered the Wagah border on a one-month visa from Pakistan.

However, as a foreigner, she will need to apply to the Home Ministry if she wants to prolong her stay.

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