Hindus in Pakistan Cancelled Holi To Protest Against Delhi Riots

Hindus in Pakistan Cancelled Holi

The Hindu community’s representatives residing within Pakistan stated that they will not celebrate this year’s religious Holi festival following moderation to maintain solidarity with the Muslim community who are victimized within India, as they canceled the Holi event.

The Hindu community members said that their act would portray their expression of a demonstration against brutal acts and persecution performed on the Muslims in the recent violation being held in New Delhi, India.

The shared clashes held that last month in New Delhi claimed up to 53 people’s lives, mainly appeared in the Muslim community.

The developed rampage caused the destruction of properties including homes and mosques of the Muslims. And also, the community of Hindus created a separate march, besides the Aurat March that was held across the country, in order to protest against the Muslim community persecution in India, on Sunday.

Hindus in Pakistan Cancelled Holi

One of the organizers of the March, Pundit Mukesh Kumar, shared that they have canceled all of their main events. He further added that the Holi festival that took place on Monday evening will only be followed by the religious obligations, i.e. without involving colors and joyfulness.

The members of the Hindus in Pakistan even reached the United Nations to ask them to call out the increasing violence within India.

They wish that the Hindu community of India grow against the oppression of their Muslims locals. They urged the UN and the world community to prevent Modi and Modi’s government from following the harsh behaviors that they hold against the religious minorities.

They also urged their Hindu brothers residing in India to raise their voice for the rights of the Muslim and other religious communities present within India.

They condemned India’s Prime Minister Modi for initiating a controversial citizenship law, recently. The local leaders of PPP also joined the protests.

For the moment, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, wished a happy and peaceful Holi to Pakistan’s Hindu community.

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