Hindu Mob Burns Mosque in Delhi and Put Hanuman Flag on Mosque

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Hindu mob has set a mosque in Delhi on fire after the chants of Hinduon ka Hindustan and Jai Shri Ram. After that, the same mob put the Hanuman flag on the top of the mosque.

A number of shops located in the Ashok Vihar area have been looted including a footwear shop. Residents of the Ashok Vihar area have told that the mob does not belong to the area.

This area is Hindu dominated while a small number of Muslims live in the area. After the mosque in Delhi was set on fire, few firefighters were seen at the site but there were no policemen were seen at the incident site.

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A total of 9 people were killed and a number of people were injured in clashes in Delhi after the protest of CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act).

Watch the video of this incident

Clashes between thousands of protestors in support and in against new Anti-Muslim citizenship law erupted. People have used smoke grenades and tear gas but unable to control the mob.

Delhi is going through a new wave of targeted violence and riots since Sunday evening, which was triggered by Kapil Mishra, who is a BJP leader after he had given an ultimatum to the Delhi Police that the Anti-CAA protesters in Chandbagh and Jaffrabad should be dealt with within 3 days.

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Till now 18 people have lost their lives in Delhi protests.

This engulfed almost most of the states in the country by raising questions and concerns on the authorities.

50 copies of the Quran were also brunt during the attack on the Delhi mosque.

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Rajan Guna

what a shame… millions of Hindus work and live like millionaires in Islamic country in Middle East . There temples and Hindus activities and none of Muslims reject them . What’s shame

Sani zubairu usman

Lets them do whatever they want…. Coronavirus os coming


lets we pray for our brother muslim in delhi always in alloh protection, and pray also for they who broke the mosque allah give hidayah,.. allah armi more power full


PM Modi also anti Muslim

Quamrun Nahar Rowshan

Yes very true
Here in Bangladesh Hindu ppl celebrating their festivals such long time making their পূজা mondop enjoying happily and their festivals are more than Muslims but what are they doing now


Putting Hanuman flag won’t change the faith of muslims. Shame on hindu mobs and RSS.


Ya Allah sent them the terror of yr small army…finished them to the ground

Nurazrin Mohd Darus

Not safe go to india

Samah binti Kamis

Wahai Allah bantulah Islam dan umat Muslimin walau di mana jua berada.. Terutama yg dizalimi dan dinafikn hak ya… Sesungguhnya Engkau mendengar dan memperkenan duaa.. Aamiin3x yra aamiin

Atif Bhatti

India has become worst place to visit…. Stop visiting the india


Dont watch the Bolliwood film again..


Islam is a religion of peace. Non muslims will be safe in an Islamic or muslim majority country but not the other way round.

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