5-year-old Boy Rayan Passed Away After Being Rescued After Five Days


#SaveRayan: After being stuck for five days, Rayan has been pronounced dead.

Rayan passed away

The doctor confirmed that Rayan is no more with us. The little soul spent 5 days inside a deep well.

rayan passed away dead

Rayan has been rescued

Rayan’s parents went into the tunnel to get him. An ambulance taking Rayan will transfer him into the hospital nearby.

Did Rayan get saved?


Is boy out of well in Morocco?


Have rescuers reached Rayan?


#SaveRayan has become a global trend as the world is anxiously waiting for a 5-year-old boy, Rayan to be rescued after being stuck in a deep well for over five days.

In a rescue mission that has gripped the world for the past few days, rescuers are moving closer to the boy they have been attempting to save.

Rayan, the 5-year-old Moroccan boy who fell in a well, has been given oxygen and a drink of sugary water, and many around the world are praying that he will be rescued soon.

Over 65 hours have passed since the boy was trapped down the well.

Several channels are live streaming the mission to save the boy.

Local media reported that Rayan fell down a 32m deep well on Wednesday in his home village near Bab Berred in the rural Northern Province of Chefchaouen.

Government spokesman Mustapha Baitas announced on Friday that the child’s rescue was near. “We hope that he will return to the family as soon as possible.”

Rescuers couldn’t reach the bottom of the shaft, so heavy diggers dug a hole alongside it.

Rescuers were able to get him oxygen and water through pipes, according to the MAP news agency.

The boy’s father told Le360 that he had been repairing the well when he fell into it.

Abdelhabi Temrani, the chief rescuer, told Al Oula television the diameter of the well was less than 45cm.

Across North Africa, including Algeria, the Arabic hashtag #SaveRayan has gone viral.

According to national news channel 2M, authorities are also preparing a helicopter to transport the child to a hospital once he is extracted.

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