6 Locations Allocated For People with Disabilities In The Grand Mosque in Makkah

The Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques have allocated six prayer halls for people with disabilities in Makkah.
disable pilgrims at masjid al haram

Separate prayer halls with ramps on entry and exits have been allocated for people with disabilities in the Grand Mosque of Makkah. 

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The individuals with disabilities will now receive proper treatment to make their holy journey to Makkah more fruitful.

The General Authority for the Affairs of Two Holy Mosques has announced to allocation of six prayer halls in the Grand Mosque of Makkah particularly for people with disabilities.

As per the Authority, this decision has been taken to ensure that each pilgrim is treated with equal dignity and can perform religious rituals regardless of any hindrance.

The path to the prayer halls will accommodate both men and women and will be equipped with proper signboards and symbols to make the movement of those individuals smooth.

The authority has announced the location of halls for disabled men and women separately.

For Men:

  1. Opposite door 91 on the first floor 
  2. Shabika Bridge door 68 first floor 
  3. Next to Shabika Door 68 ground floor

For Women:

  1. Door 88 ground floor
  2. Door 65 first floor
  3. Shabika prayer area 15, around Mataf courtyard

These areas have been designed especially for people with disabilities. Ramps on entry exits, moving carts, and even electric and manual carts are available in these areas to facilitate disabled individuals

Efforts to place proper symbols, and instruction stickers along with the boards for the location of services have been placed specially for people with disabilities to ensure that every religious practice is accessible to them and there that no hindrance is being created for them.

The installment of stickers and the allocation of halls along with the introduction of several other facilities highlights the commitment of the Affairs of Two Holy Mosques to ensure the well-being of the pilgrims. 

These facilities underscore the kingdom’s welcoming nature and ensure that the spiritual journey is easy for all including the ones with physical issues.

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