Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok Allows The Use Of Anti-Muslim Hashtags

Use Of Anti Muslim Hashtags

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It was reported that Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter users can use hashtags such as #deathtoislam, #islamiscancer, and #ragheadi.

The report also claimed that the hashtags received at least 1.3 million impressions.

According to a recent report, 89% of posts that contain anti-Muslim hatred and Islamophobic content go unreported.

The three companies announced a joint commitment to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online in a joint statement in 2019.

In their statement, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube stated that they would be resolute in combating hatred and extremism that lead to terrorist violence.

This report stated, “Once again, their press releases are empty promises.”.

CCDH researchers found 530 posts containing racist caricatures, conspiracies, and false claims that target Muslims.

At least 25 million people viewed these posts. It said that abusive content was easily recognizable, but that no action was taken.

By driving “social divisions, normalizing abusive behavior, and encouraging offline attacks and abuse,” this content further endangers these communities.

Furthermore, platforms profit from this hate, gleefully monetizing content, interaction, and the consequent attention and eyeballs that follow. For them, hate is good business.

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