Singapore and Pakistan Create First AI-Generated Series on Prophet Muhammad

The AI-generated web series revolves around the life of the Holy Prophet PBUH. The creators and producers of the web series are from Pakistan and Singapore.
AI generated series on prophet muhammad
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AI-generated web series of the life of the Holy Prophet has been created by Pakistani and Singaporean creators.

A web series on the life of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him has been generated through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The creators of this web series are from Pakistan and Singapore. They have made an incredible piece that is different from the traditional production limits.

The series is named ‘Muhammad: The Mercy for the Multiverse‘. It is a joint effort by Qalbox at MuslimPro and Qur’anscape.

The series focuses on the key events in the life of the Holy Prophet PBUH. It also discusses the personality and nature of the beloved Prophet.

The individuals who have worked on this web series are from different countries. The countries include:

  • Singapore
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Pakistan

The following were the individuals and their roles in the web series production:

  • Script Writer: Fatima Sattar from Lahore.
  • Producer: Abbas Arslan of Qur’anscape.
  • Director: Eman Khalid.
  • Executive Producer: Junaidah Bte Said Khan of Qalbox.

Mr Abbas Arslan highlighted the role of AI in offering insights into the life of the Holy Prophet PBUH. As per the producer, AI has removed the constraints of cost and time. AI transforms human ideas into reality which is necessary for these projects.

As per the Executive Producer, the feedback regarding the series was positive.

The Screenwriter Fatima Sattar stated that she started her research with Yasir Qadhi’s lectures. Yasir Qadhi is a Pakistani-American Muslim scholar and theologian.

She said that due to time constraints, not much research was conducted. However, her errors were corrected by Mufti on board.

As per the director, the research and scriptwriting was similar to traditional filmmaking. The change was however in the generation phase. AI was used to bring images to the screenplay and then to video with the use of AI voices.

Recreating the environment and culture from the time of the Holy Prophet was challenging as per the team.

The web series has a total of 10 episodes. Qalbox by MuslimPro has released two episodes. The remaining will be released during Ramadan.

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