A Clothing Brand From Singapore Makes Bikini With Quran Verses

Bikini With Quran Verses

A Tiktok user with the account Abu.toz on June 19 uploaded a video explaining his concern about a Singaporean clothing brand that has produced women’s clothing with designs that are disrespectful to Muslims.

The video of the Tiktok user, who is known to be an American Muslim, quickly went viral on the sharing video platform.

The user expressed his surprise after finding Playmate, an online shop, selling bikinis with designs of Quran verses on them. In the video, while showing several examples of bikini outfits demonstrated by models, with pictures of bikinis inscribed with verses from the Muslim holy book, he says that we (Muslims) need to do something about clothing products that he calls “insult to Islam.”

The user argues that the production of bikinis with gold Arabic writing is part of the wave of Islamophobia that is often echoed these days. However, this is very disrespectful to millions of Muslims around the world.

When he found out that the Playmate clothing brand was located in Paya Lebar, Singapore, the man couldn’t help himself by say that he had lost respect for Singapore and held the country accountable for allowing things like this to be posted on their website. He also asked the company to stop producing bikinis with Holy Quran verses.

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Although many support Toz. Tube’s actions regarding his explanation of this incident. However, many Singaporeans claim to be unsympathetic to the user because they think he has vilified Singaporeans as a whole.

After receiving some negative feedback, Toz.Tube apologized for his comments about Singaporeans. He admitted that he was emotional when making the video and did not intend to attack Singaporeans. But his apology was rejected as netizens felt the apology was not sincere because he said that “it took somebody from America to find this disrespectful womenswear.

Meanwhile, several other users said that further research should be done on the website because when they searched the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authorities list, it did not provide results that matched Playmate with the Paya Lebar address.

The company is known to operate in the United States, with suppliers from Zhejiang, China.

At the time of writing, items with “Quran Verses,” which were the object of the online debate, have been removed from the online store.

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