109th Key holder of The Kaaba Saleh Al Shaiba Has Died

His funeral was held at Masjid Al Haram, and he was laid to rest in Al Mualla Cemetery.
Saleh Al Shaiba
Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba

Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba died this morning on June 22, 2024. He was the 109th Guardian of the Kaabah and came after the companion Uthman ibn Talha (R.A.) in that role.

The job of guarding the Ka’bah has been in Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba’s family for a really long time.

Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba with Sudais

It all started way back when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) conquered Makkah. The Prophet said that the Al Shaiba family should keep this important role, and they’ve been doing it ever since.

Funeral prayer for Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba was held in Masjid Al Haram (Grand Mosque of Mecca). After that, he was buried him in Al Mualla Cemetery.

Al Muallaa Cemetery
Jannat al-Mualla Cemetry. Photo: Salman CK

Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba’s death means he’s no longer in charge of one of Islam’s holiest places. His family has been looking after this special site for hundreds of years. It’s the end of an era for him and this important job.

Following the long-standing custom, the next person to guard the Ka’bah will also be from the Al Shaiba family. This keeps the job of looking after this holy place in the same family line, just like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said it should be.

The Al Shaiba family has been very important in taking care of the Kabah. Now that Sheikh Saleh Al Shaiba has passed away, it’s a time for people to think about how much his family has done for Islam over the years. Their story is a big part of Islamic history.

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