This World Is Nothing But An Illusion

This World Is Nothing But An Illusion
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Okay so, most of us even I sometimes too think that why I don’t have this or why I can’t have what he/she has or I wish I could be this or why can’t I have that person forever.

Means we keep on wishing and regretting. And mostly we end up being ungrateful to Allah (S.W.T)  because we aren’t happy with what we have in this life (not all the things) but there are few things we have and we blame our fates ‘NASEEBS’ for that..

And we all know that, whatever we had, whatever we have, and whatever we’ll have in this life has already been WRITTEN. So what’s the point of wasting our time in blaming our fates for the temporary life of this world.. And why don’t we think about the life of the next world which is ‘EVERLASTING’, when Allah (S.W.T) has given us the opportunity to choose the life we want. TO GET WHATEVER WE WANT!!

Indeed, Allah (S.W.T) will enter each of us in Jannah/Jahannam by His own decision .. but He also has given us the opportunity TO GET OUR DESIRED  ‘FOREVER’ LIVES. So why don’t we prepare our selves for the life of HEREAFTER? .. which is our real home.

My sisters & brothers, let’s try to change ourselves. Because we all know that this worldly life is temporary. “THIS WORLD IS NOTHING BUT AN ILLUSION”.

Allah (S.W.T) says in the Quran: “AND THE LIFE OF THIS WORLD IS NOTHING BUT PLAY AND AMUSEMENT”. –Surah Al An’am [6:32].

Let’s avail this chance given by Allah (S.W.T). We just have to do good deeds and follow some rules. Our Islam is not hard\difficult we have made it hard.


I hope you guys have got my message. May Allah (S.W.T) give us Hidayah AMEEN. JAZZAK ALLAH.

Written By: Ayesha Zoraiz Khan

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