Pakistani YouTuber Mooroo Misguiding Muslims By Spreading False Information About Islam

Mooroo, Taimur Salauddin posted a video on Human evolution lately while spreading lies about Islam and here is what you need to know about it.
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Mooroo Telling Lies in the Name of Quran and Islam.

In this video Mooroo talked about the definition of theory, he called theory a fact until proven wrong.

But it is not how science explains it. According to science, theory is an explanation of facts that can be proven true or false with any new evidence. Charles M. Wynm senior professor of chemistry at Connecticut University in the US, said in one of his research papers that, scientific theories can never become scientific facts.

Mooroo didn’t stop there, he then dragged Dr. Zakir Naik into this and questioned his scientific knowledge. Dr. Zakir Naik is one the popular Islamic scholars who have studied every aspect of Islam. Dr. Zakir Naik in one of his sessions called the theory of evolution, as a complete failure. He was right but Mooroo, slammed him saying theories are facts in science, and questioned Dr.’s scientific understanding.

Mooroo’s Video

After that, Mooroo showed how animals and humans evolved with his video. Human evolution is a controversial topic; as Muslims, we are all taught that we are descended from Adam and Eve and that Allah created Adam in the form of a human, but he held a different belief. He quoted Quran verses to support his statement in Surah e Fateh.

Response on Video

These references are all fake and do not appear in the Quran. Mooroo should be cautious when using Quranic references, and he then questions Dr. Zakir Naik‘s expertise. Additionally, he mentioned Islamic scholars with controversial histories among them, which includes Ahmed Ali Ghamadi.

As a Muslim, Ghamadi believes that shaking hands between males and females is the right thing to do. He then mentioned Dr. Israr Ahmed and Muhammad Ali Mirza.

In the end, Mooroo convinces his audience of vestigial organs found in humans. These are non-functional organs found in humans in 2024. In the past, humans had them in a fully functional state.

This is entirely a different matter of concern with little or no connection with human evolution. But in Mooroo’s perception, these are in sync. Feel free to watch Mooroo’s video on Evolution and form your own opinion.

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