Muslim Family in Hong Kong Giving Masks For Free To Fight Coronavirus

Muslim Family Hong Kong Giving Masks For Free Coronavirus

In Hong Kong, a Pakistani family planned a move concerning the fears of Coronavirus. They distributed hygiene products and face masks for free among the locals to assist them in staying safe and healthy, as reported on Tuesday by Al-Jazeera.


The risen demand for face masks is observed for the past few months as the virus got spread on the global level.

The outbreak has developed a high level of panic throughout the world as thousands of people got caught by this extremely contagious virus. Coronavirus has already taken the lives of 4,251 people whereas more than 117,339 are known to be affected, globally. Luckily, more than 60,000 known people are recovered at the moment.

People are observed to avoid those people who aren’t wearing masks, a salesman at Lala Al-Sheikh Trading Company shared with Al Jazeera the Qatari network. In these moments of fear, this family distributed free masks in thousands of quantities along with gloves and other sanitary items among the locals in their area.

The shop owner’s daughter-in-law, Amna Nadeem shared that the business was solely the idea of her father-in-law.

The owner used to deal with ornaments that were imported from India, Pakistan, China, and Nepal. However, when the outbreak appeared, he initiated buying surgical masks and other necessary products in bulk amounts every other week to spread them among the local people at various medical shops present in the area. Lala stated that he gains an immense amount of pleasure by performing this charitable act.

Every week, he buys these products in bulk quantities without the assistance of anyone. He further added that his children do help him with packaging the items and then distributing them to the ones who need them. Lala also shared that this act is not new for him as in the past also, he gave away products.

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