Iraqi Boys Disrespect Anas Ibn Malik (RA)’s Grave by Standing On It

Iraqi Boys Disrespects Anas Ibn Malik RA Grave

Iraqi boys disrespect Anas Ibn Malik (RA)’s grave by standing on top of it and shouting abuse about the companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Iraq which is known to be a major Shia stronghold after Iran has been accused of disrespecting the grave of Anas Ibn Malik (RA), as Iraqi boys have been seen filming the entire scene inside the tomb.

The news has been published by Pakistani news channel News 92, through which this video came to the limelight, many Muslim countries and leaders are now pushing Iraq to immediately arrest the boys as seen in the video.

To be noted, Anas Ibn Malik (RA) has narrated a number of hadith, he was a great companion of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH and he was also a cousin of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he was his (PBUH) aunt, Umm Sulaim’s son.

After this news, Muslims all around the world are heartbroken to see Iraqi nationals disrespecting the grave of a prominent companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH disrespected like that.

Many scholars have told Iraq, as seen in the video above, that Iraq is already going through a though face and their nationals doing such things won’t make it easier for them.

His grave is located in Basra, Iraq. When Prophet Muhammad PBUH arrived in Medina in 622, Anas ibn Malik (RA)’s mother presented him to Prophet Muhammad PBUH as a servant.

He was one of the most famous companions of the Prophet Muhammad, he died in 93AH in Basra at the age of 103 years.

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