Apple Employee Quits Over Abusive Remarks About Islam

khalid parvez

According to an Indian website, Free Press Journal, an Indian Muslim employee at Apple quit due to Islamophobia and mental harassment.

After the launch of Apple stores in India, Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook sparked the controversy. 

The tech giant’s employees were offered a whopping INR100,000 salary during Cook’s impressive inauguration of Apple’s stores in Mumbai and Delhi this year.

Furthermore, the company promotes fair pay practices and diversity policies that cater to minorities and minorities underrepresented in the workplace.

Mental harassment, abusive language, managerial errors, and Islamophobic comments

After his complaints were dismissed, Khalid Parvez, one of Apple’s employees in India, resigned from the company, citing mental harassment, abusive language, managerial errors, and Islamophobic comments as reasons.

According to Parvez, in a LinkedIn post, Apple provided him with growth opportunities but also asked him to trust the system during its investigation, which was not compassionate.

“However, I ended up being ridiculed after two months of supposedly ‘thorough’ investigation by employee relations because they denied, showed insensitivity, counter-accused, and lied.” he wrote.

Following his dismissal from the Apple team in India, the former employee tagged Tim Cook and the company in his post.

According to Parvez, who has worked for Apple for a decade, Apple’s employee relations team responded with counter-allegations and insensitivity.

Instead of investigating his complaints, he claimed he was ridiculed for his mental health concerns.

Asked about the Islamophobic comments, the ER responded that none of my statements/incidents had been substantiated by other employees. At that point, I realized the investigation never took place, and that there was some major corporate cover-up going on.

In his remarks, Parvez cautioned professionals not to blindly trust companies and encouraged them to escalate issues beyond the level of management at the regional and national levels.

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