The Second Door of Kaaba and It’s Importance

Second Door of Kaaba

It has been widely known that the Kaaba was built by the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and Ismail (A.S), there is a lesser-known story behind the construction of the second door which has now been sealed.

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The Kaaba, which is located in Masjid Al-Haram, is a center of prayer and a symbol of unity for Muslims worldwide making it a place of utmost importance.

In the history of the Kaaba, the second door of the Kaabah stands out as a symbol of the deep devotion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Second Door of Kaaba

Aisha (R.A), the wife of Muhammad (PBUH) revealed to Abdullah Bin Zubair the words of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, who expressed his desire to have her two doors in the Kaaba one to enter and the other to exit. However, financial constraints prevented the Prophet Muhammad  PBUH from fulfilling this vision during his lifetime.

Abdullah bin Zubair (R.A), a Noble Companion and a learned scholar, recognized the importance of the Prophet’s aspirations and committed himself to fulfill a dream so dear to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

He undertook the task of building a second door. With unwavering devotion and unwavering faith, Abdullah bin Zubair embarked on the construction of the second door of the Kaaba.

Motivated by his deep understanding of the importance of unity and the promotion of a smooth pilgrimage ritual, he succeeded in his mission despite many challenges, including financial constraints.

Abdullah bin Zubair’s realization of his second door of the Kaaba is a testament to the unwavering faith and selfless devotion of early Muslims. It embodies his respect for the teachings of the Prophet and his determination to protect and enhance the sanctity of the Holy Kaaba.

The completion of the second door not only provided a practical solution to the problem of congestion during the pilgrimage but also embodied the essence of Prophet Muhammad’s teaching on convenience for believers. This ensured a smoother flow of pilgrims and a more comfortable and harmonious spiritual journey for each individual.

Abdullah bin Zubair’s noble efforts did not end with the construction of the second door. His actions inspired later generations with a renewed commitment to uphold and strengthen the holiness of the Kaaba. Abdullah bin Zubair’s dedication and sacrifice inspired future guardians and leaders charged with maintaining the holy site.

The Umayyads, who later gained control of Mecca, made changes to the structure of the Kaaba. During their reign, the Umayyad military commander Hajjaj bin Yusuf al-Sakafi ordered the Kaaba to be rebuilt in its original form. As part of this process, a second door built by Abdullah bin Zubair was sealed but his legacy lives on.

As millions of Muslims gather at the Kaaba to perform sacred rituals, they owe a debt of gratitude to the noble companions of Muhammad (PBUH) for their devotion to the sanctity of the Kaaba.

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