India Is Getting Ready For Biggest Muslim Genocide In Kashmir

Biggest Muslim Genocide In Kashmir

Biggest Muslim Genocide in Kashmir by India is about to happen as the internet, TV cut off in Jammu and Kashmir. India also sent 25,000 troops in the area.

India violated International Law as they illegally change Article 370 and Article 55A

Indian media is now claiming that New Delhi is having meetings that suggest taking over Kashmir once and for all. Indian law experts have claimed that India’s step of forcibly snatching the Kashmiri Muslims identity is the violation of international law as by law Kashmiri Muslims are the real residents of Indian occupied Kashmir.

In the latest updates, India has abolished Article 370, for those who do not know, Article 370 gave the rights to the Muslims living in occupied Kashmir to do governmental jobs. Abolishment of Article 370 means that no Kashmiri Muslims would be able to live there permanently, and the majority of Kashmir will be ruled by Indian Hindus.

India to initiate the Biggest Muslim Genocide in Kashmir

All sorts of communication, mobile networks, landlines, and all social media has been completely cut from the area. And the medical staff has been put on an emergency situation.

Even Indian influential personalities have been calling Narendra Modi’s move to invade Kashmir a “Madness”.

Muslim Hurriyat Leaders Are Under House Arrest

India has also called for security lockdown, as top Hurriyat Muslim leaders including Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have been put under house arrest. And all businesses and education institutes have been closed.

What are Article 35A and Article 370?

Article 35A allows the local Legislature in IoK to have permanent residence in Kashmir.

Article 35A made in 1954 by the presidential order under Article 370 constitution, giving exclusive autonomous status to IoK.

Article 35A also prohibits Indians from outside Kashmir to have a permanent resident, such as buying lands, having Government jobs or getting scholarships in Kashmir.

Help from the UN and OIC

The organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has shown concern over India’s brutality on Muslims of Kashmir. Despite the ceasefire, India is continuing use all sorts of a weapon on civilians on Kashmir and civilian area of Pakistan ending up a great number of civilian casualties.

Muslims all around the world have been urging the United Nations to take against India’s Muslim genocide in Kashmir

BJP’s Remarks About Islam, Muslims, and Kaaba

BJP is currently ruling party of India, and their Anti-Muslim views are nothing new for the Muslims of India and Kashmir. As one of the BJP members was asking for votes if the Hindus of India wants to destroy Muslims. Other one threatened to turn Kaaba into a Hindu temple and one Female BJP member urged Hindu men to rape Muslim women.

Kashmir Muslim Killings
Kashmiri mother cries as her son dies after firing from Indian army forces – Photo via AFP

Pakistan has ensured that Pakistan Army will do everything to protect Kashmiri Muslims from Indian Hindu brutality.

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Cover Photo: Pakistan Today

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