Indian Female Leader Promoting Hindu Brothers To Abuse Muslim Women

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A female leader Sunita Singh Gaur of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has been removed from her position in BJP’s women wing after she encouraged “Hindu brothers to abuse Muslim women openly in Indian streets,” Indian Media reported.

Sunita Singh Gaur said that Muslim sisters and mothers should be looted of their honor as Hindu brothers abuse as in gang rape them. And she said that it is the perfect way to protect India.

Her announcement went viral all across the world for promoting such hatred among people, she deleted the post after it. But, the screenshots of the post being posted all over social media. Sunita Singh Gaur was removed as Mahila Morcha leader.

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Vijaya Rahatkar, President BJP Mahila Morcha said that be assured that BJP will not tolerate any sort of hateful comments from any worker.

This is not the first time BJP leaders have spread the hateful words against the Muslims. Previously, a BJP leader also threatened to attack Kaaba.

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asif aziz

This is why there had to be a Pakistan.
How can any minority live in India, if you raise a voice you are demonised threatened with death or rape.
No where in the world that it is so openly shown that a minority is forced to change there religion, forced to accept Hinduism or beaten until you do. Shame on India. There is no perfect country but India has become one of the worst places ever.

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