Muslim Man Saves 17 People From Fire In France

Ezzedine Hamdi

A Muslim man, Ezzedine Hamdi from France bravely went into a burning building to save 17 people, including a baby. He is being celebrated as a hero.

According to the French Media, the fire happened in a two-story building located in Southeastern France in Romans-sur-Isere on Friday

Only a baker at Fournil de Jacquemart, Ezzedine Hamdi was awake and was on the lower level of the building when the fire started early morning

He came out of his bakery when he heard screams and saw that the building above was on fire.

Ezzedine Hamdi on news

After that, he phoned the firefighters very early in the morning at 3:54 am. It became clear right away that 17 people were stuck.

But Ezzedine didn’t think twice or wait for the firefighters. He used a ladder to go up to a window. The woman gave him her baby at the window. After he made sure the baby was safe, he returned to assist her. The firefighters came and took charge.

Lieutenant Baptiste Devis said, “When we got there, there were already very tall flames, about five to six meters. The stairs had been burned, so we couldn’t go up or down them. “

Sadly, Ezzedine’s bakery was also harmed by the fire.

Fournil de Jacquemart

Reporters said that one person living in the apartment that caught fire didn’t want to talk to them. Instead, they kept saying “He saved everyone” while pointing at Ezzedine.

Many people in the neighborhood and on social media think Ezzedine Hamdi is a hero and should receive France’s highest order of merit called the Legion of Honor.

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