Muslims Set New Records In US Midterm Elections 2022

US Midterm Elections 2022

Good news comes from the American Muslim community, which has recently shown positive progress in American politics.

Jetpac Resource Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced that the Muslim-American Candidates had won a record number of legislative, statewide, and federal elections in the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8.

According to local media reports, the midterm elections saw 145 Muslim candidates running for local, state, and federal office in the general election, including 48 candidates for the state legislative candidates running in 23 states.

Jetpac Resource Center executive director Mohammed Missouri said the historic victory in local and statewide elections this time around the country demonstrated that the Muslim community is building a solid infrastructure for continued electoral success.

State House District 21 and State House District 51 candidates Abdelnasser Rashid and Nabeela Syed are expected to win and become the first Muslims elected to the Illinois State Legislature.

Meanwhile, Nabilah Islam is projected to win representing District 7 of the Georgia State Senate, and Ruwa Romman is expected to be the winner representing District 97. Romman and Islam would be the first Muslim women elected to the State Senate and House of Representatives.

Alisha Khan, 21, is the youngest among those elected to the state legislature in the US midterm elections this year.

With confidence, Khan, who was elected to the board of education in New Brunswick, New Jersey, says she graduated from high school only three years ago and knows what our generation needs.

Pakistani Americans running in the US midterm elections, like Khan, are Salman Bhojani and Suleman Lalani. Mr. Bhojani and Lalani have made history as the first Muslims and South Asians to be elected to the Texas legislature.

According to a report by the Jetpac Resource Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), 82 Muslims were elected to federal, state, local, and judicial positions in Tuesday’s midterm elections. The figure is the highest since Jetpac and CAIR began tracking the electoral progress of American Muslims.

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