According to Islam, These Three Things Makes Your Marriage Invalid

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Marriage Invalid means that you are no longer married to each other. Marriage is the most beautiful relation according to Islam and it is discussed many times in Quran and our prophet gave many advise to keep this relation clean and valid.

Our Prophet’s Life is the greatest example for us and to learn how should we live with our spouse and to live and enjoy the married life.

But there are many aspects through which most of the time our marriage is no longer valid according to Islam.

1. Marriage without the consent of Wali

For proper Nikah, there are following conditions which are must be fulfilled. The consent of the bride, Two witnesses, Haq Mahr and the consent of Guardian or Wali. And this Wali should be a male. A woman could never be the wali of another woman for her Nikah.

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The Prophet (PBUH) also said:

muhammad about marriage

2. Marriage without the consent of Bride

You can’t force a girl for Nikah when she is not agreed to do that. Like other contracts marriage is also a contract and consent of both parties or you can say both man and woman is compulsory. The marriage conducted without the consent of the bride is not regarded as a marriage and it will be invalid.

forcing girl marriage islam hadith

3. Performing Anal Intercourse

When we are getting married, we should know about Halal and Haram intercourse or intimation. According to the Islamic scholars, it is a grave sin to perform anal intercourse, even if your wife allows it. Islam strictly prohibits this act of intercourse. When you do this your marriage is expired and you will be no longer spouse to each other.

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In Quran, Allah stated that: 

anal sex islam

May Allah guide us and make our faith strong. And make sure you do not do these three things which make your marriage invalid.


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