Will Smith Completes Reading Quran During Ramadan

Famous Hollywood actor Will Smith shares the experience of his spiritual journey and the impact of reading the Quran.
Will Smith
Photo: National Today

Will Smith discusses the impact of reading the Holy Qur’an.

The famous Hollywood actor known for his blockbuster movies has reflected on his life’s journey. Will Smith the renowned Hollywood actor whose films have grossed billions has shared the impact reading the Holy Qur’an has had on him.

On the “Big Time Podcast” Smith shared that during Ramadan, he completed reading the Qur’an, finding a special connection with its straightforward style and the stories it tells, particularly those about Prophet Musa (A.S).

During a reflective period over the last couple of years, Smith sought to understand himself better. This quest led him to explore various holy texts, including the Qur’an, which he said helped him open his heart to more people. Smith was struck by the Qur’an’s clear narrative and the story of Prophet Musa (A.S).

Will Smith expressed his fascination for Saudi Arabia and discussed his experience when he visited the kingdom and the cities of Jeddah and Riyadh. He discussed his love for the project NEOM and expressed a sense of belonging and enjoyment of life in the kingdom.

He discussed the holy books including the Torah, the Bible, and the Qur’an, stating that he previously didn’t realize how interconnected these scriptures were.

He mentioned that if the first half of his life was about accumulating wealth, the second half would be about sharing his knowledge and experiences, emphasizing that love and friendship are essential for a happy existence.

The “Big Time Podcast” hosted by Amr Adib, is known for its intimate conversations with celebrities.

It’s part of the 4th Riyadh Season and features discussions with stars like Arab singer Assala, exploring their lives and careers. These episodes offer fans a closer look at their favorite personalities.

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