This is How Muslim Coronavirus Patients’ Funerals and Burials Take Place

Muslim Coronavirus Patients Funerals and Burials

How Muslim Coronavirus Patients’ are being buried all around the world as their Funerals are being cut short to stop the spread of the virus.

Ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has struck Muslims the worst way possible as the Mosques are closed, Jummah prayers have suspended and the burial style has been changed.

Islam teaches us a route map of what are the things that need to be done when a Muslim passes away.

Funeral Rights mentioned in the Holy Quran;

  • Transportation, collections, and storage of the deceased.
  • Ghusl (Islamic Ritual Cleansing)
  • Kafn (Shroud)
  • Janazah Prayer (Funeral Prayers)
  • Burial

This is how medical experts are burying Muslims who died from Coronavirus

Way of Burying and Ghusl of Muslim Coronavirus Patients after his or her Passing

burial funeral coronavirus patient

While giving Ghusl, the body is highly contagious and the transmission of the coronavirus becomes very common to the one washing the body.

In that case, the body is sealed in a tighter bad. Islam also gives instructions that the person who gives the bath must wear gloves and masks and shouldn’t move the body to curb the spread of the virus. And the ghusl must be done in a separate place.


Instead of a white shroud which we normally see. It is advised to use a casket as its outer part must be disinfected.

Funeral Prayers

Referring to the current situation, Islam suggests the Janazah be prayer near the burial place so the transfer of the body to its grave becomes easier. It is also advised that the Family members keep a distance and offer prayer also known as Fard Kifaya.

Burial of the person who died with Coronavirus

It is advised that only close members attend the Janazah, the body shouldn’t be buried without a casket or being properly wrapped in an airtight bag. And the person who buries that patient should wear a protective suit, gloves, and masks.

Governments all around the world are keeping a strict eye on funerals and burials during the COVID-19 pandemic with the support of scholars, restricting the funerals to close family only.

This is indeed tough for the deceased one’s families to say goodbye to their loved ones like this.

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