10 Lessons To Learn From The First Ashra of Ramadan

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Undoubtedly, the first Ashra of Ramadan gives us a lot of knowledge. As Ramadan is divided into 3 Ahras, First, Second, and Third.

Importance of Fasting in Ramadan described in the following words in the Holy Quran;

Quran fasting 2 183

The 10 Important Lessons from the First Ashra of Ramadan

Some of them are enlisted as the following:

  1. In this month, Allah (SWT) doubles the good acts, abolishes the sins, and increases our positions. Ramadan is well-known when it comes to forgiveness. This month also encourages us to follow the acts of good deeds as the rewards would be multiplied.
  2. Giving charity makes us eligible for the Favors and Grace by Allah (SWT). Charity in any form is most loved by Our Creator.
  3. The look adapted following the Holy Month cleans one’s soul and maximizes our God-fearing i.e.Taqwa.
  4. Ramadan gives us the opportunity to work out on our tolerance level and treat other people respectfully. This change is the basic need of this blessed month. To follow the teachings and requirements of this Ashra, we should follow charitable acts in any possible manner and at any time and serve humanity.
  5. Taraweeh prayers, being unique and limited to this blessed month, for sure brings a lot of rewards and blessings. It’s the way to have the fruits of Ramadan by the spiritual method.
  6. We always find peace in the inner self by donating money as merciful acts come back to us by bringing more mercy.
  7. A representative of mercy would be a good word to represent these initial ten days of Ramadan.
  8. The one who looks up for it and practices the blessed acts achieves Allah’s shower of grace and mercy.
  9. Also, during this Ashra do try and connect with your family members who were left behind. Get in touch with them and visit them as these acts would bring you nearer to the God Almighty.
  10. Strengthening patience and developing the habit of performing good deeds are the main teachings of this first Ashra, significantly.

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