Is r9 Haircut Halal or Haram in Islam?

R9 hairstyle is not considered permissible in Islam.
r9 Haircut
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As per the Islamic guidelines of Qaza, as stated in the Hadith, the R9 hairstyle comes under the heading of Qaza and thus is considered forbidden in Islam.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficial the Most Merciful. May peace be upon the Holy Prophet, the last messenger of Allah

Fashion and its alignment with Islamic teachings have been a subject of concern and discussion for the past few years. Islam clearly states what is Halal or permissible and what is Haram or forbidden.

Fashion isn’t necessarily Haram until it consists of immodest dressings and styles. The Halal fashion trends in Islam are those that avoid extravagance and cover the aura. 

Is R9 Hairstyle Halal?

The concept of balance is crucial in fashion as it encourages Muslims to maintain a balance between styling and looking good while adhering to Islamic principles. 

In the evolving times of fashion and grooming, several hairstyles are a subject of debate for their permissibility in Islam. With the emergence of the R9 hairstyle having longer hair on top of the head and cropped hair on the sides, this has become a topic of discussion these days. 

The R9 haircut is distinguished by a combination of long hair too with short cropped hair on the sides and the pack. This hairstyle is seen as an iconic fashion style and gained popularity among the young generation seeking a trendy and cool look

However, the permissibility of the R9 haircut is an important thing to discuss. While studying Islamic jurisprudence and looking into a broader Islamic perspective the R9 hair is not considered Halal. 


Islam encourages an individual to dress in a prominently modest way.

  • As per the hadith stated in Sahih al Bukhari (5921) and Sahih Muslim (2120), the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reported forbidding Qaza. Qaza is defined as shaving one part of a boy’s head while leaving the other. Hence the R9 hairstyle which also distinguishes itself from cropped hair on the sides (shaving one part) and long hair on top (leaving the other) comes under the definition of Qaza.
  • As per the Hadith mentioned in Al-Nasai (Hadith number 5048) and Abu Dawud(Hadith number 4195), Umar informed that the Holy Prophet peace be upon him once saw a boy whose head was shaved at one part while the other part was not shaved. He was instructed by the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to either shave it full or leave it all

Bottom Line

The R9 hairstyle is not a source of beautification or elegance for either men or women rather it is challenging, changing, and spoiling Allah’s creation. Moreover, the R9 hairstyle has mostly been derived from the Western culture particularly from non-Muslims thus imitating a Muslim is already stated as impermissible in Islam.

Thus to avoid imitation of corrupt people and follow the teachings and instructions of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him we advise men and women not to adopt the Western culture.

May Allah guide us all to the correct path, particularly in terms of fashion and appearance in today’s modern world. May He guide us with the wisdom to understand and accept the difference between Halal and Haram.

May Allah guide us to the righteous path.

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