“Knocking Star” from Quran Discovered by NASA

In the Quran it is described in Al-Tariq which is about stars and it means “the knocker”.
Knocking Star Quran NASA

In an astonishing cosmic revelation, NASA’s space observatories have picked up intriguing sounds from a pulsar star that sound like knocking on a door.

What’s even more incredible is that this cosmic happening matches something described in the Quran, where it’s called “Al Tariq” meaning “the knocker” or “the one that knocks loudly.”

Knocking Star Is Mentioned in Quran as Al-Tariq

The Quran, which is the holy book of Islam, has verses that have surprised scientists and researchers because they fit with modern scientific discoveries

One of these revelations is in Surah At-Tariq, where Allah talks about a celestial body that knocks and makes a unique sound. (Surah At Tariq 86:1-3).

Knocking star mentioned in Surah al Tariq

NASA Finds Evidence

The recent discovery of these sounds from the “knocking” star by NASA using advanced 21st-century technology raises some interesting questions about the Quran’s accuracy in describing cosmic events over 1400 years ago.

Back then, there was no such technology to study space or record sounds thus confirming the fact that the Quran is a divine book that lines up with modern science which is incredible 

Quran is Allah’s word, which was revealed to the final messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and is the ultimate source of all knowledge and wisdom. The Quran talking about celestial events, like the “knocking star,” shows that it’s divine and always relevant.

According to NASA, this pulsar star, which the Quran calls “Al Tariq,” is being referred to as a “knocking star.” This discovery adds more wonder to the many Quranic verses that inspire both scientists and believers.

In conclusion, the coming together of modern scientific discoveries and ancient Quranic verses, like the one describing the “knocking star,” reminds us of the Quran’s divine origin and how wise it is.

It shows the right to believe that the Quran is Allah’s word and that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last messenger, giving guidance to all of humanity.

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