4 Lessons To Learn From The Life Of Khadija (RA)

lessons Learn Life Khadija RA

Being Muslims in this cutting-edge age, we regularly get into level-headed discussions with different groups and factions over various points.

One that is totally misconstrued is the part of a lady in Islam. Wearing a hijab or a burqa, she is frequently observed as mistreated and constrained by the Western media and even named in that capacity. This stereotyping has gone totally out of hand, and ought to be tended to.

A case of one identity is sufficient to close the civil argument about the part of a lady in Islam. I am talking about Khadija (RA), the Holy Prophet’s significant other, and the main individual to turn towards Islam.

Her life choices and ethics are with the end goal that she ought to be turned upward to by everybody – men and ladies – as far as driving their lives. In one way, she can likewise be portrayed as the main genuine women’s activist, any semblance of which once in a while exists today, in any case, that is an alternate story. How about we take a look at what her life was:

1. She distributed wealth among the poor

Islam, a religion that does not separate between rich and poor, was what Khadija happily acknowledged. At the point when came an ideal opportunity to disperse wealth to poor people, penniless, and the down and out ones she didn’t keep down. She even helped young ladies to get hitched by orchestrating endowment for them.

Woman Khadija is history’s most surprising lady. Indeed, even today she keeps on motivating individuals who read more about her and her existence with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

2. She was an ideal wife

Quran talks about spouses being an article of clothing for their husbands, and men being the same for their wives. Both, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Khadija took after this for all intents and purposes and from their souls.

Whenever Prophet (PBUH) got his first disclosure, he rushed to his home frightened and stunned. In any case, Khadija required no evidence of that occurrence and immediately acknowledged what had happened. In his most troublesome days, Khadija helped the Prophet (PBUH) and spurred him. Thus, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) adored nobody more than Khadija.

3. She proposed to our prophet Muhammad Prophet (PBUH), He also accepted her proposal after knowing she was the eldest!

Love is found by the individuals who are not hunting down it. Meeting Holy Prophet (PBUH) for just a brief timeframe amid a conference, she rapidly developed to like him on account of his devotion and honesty.

To her, the Prophet (PBUH) appeared to take care of business with none of the other people whom she met and proposed to her. Such was their adoration that Khadija was 15 years older than our Prophet (PBUH), breaking all  marriage generalizations.

4. She was a successful businesswoman

A little girl of a prestigious vendor from the Quraysh tribe in Mecca, she acquired her dad’s abilities and riches. Despite the fact that society of that period was to a great extent and hazardously male overwhelmed, she proceeded with her business and gradually raised herself to achievement.

From Mecca to Yemen and afterward to Syria, she would exchange products and contract men who might protect her band along risky exchange courses. Therefore, her business got bigger than the organizations of all the Quraysh tribes joined, which she just did by reasonable dealings of brilliant merchandise.

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