Never Buy Prayer Mat With Kaaba On It, Here’s Why!

Prayer Mat

The prayer mat is the lifeline of Muslims. It is known as Jainamaz in Persian and Musallah in Arabic. All of us have this in our homes, as we pray on it.

The majority of Muslims have been making this mistake, but we at The Islamic Information decided to address this little mistake which can be sinful.

Never buy this Jainamaz/Musallah!

These days we see lots of prayers mats that have pictures of Kaaba, Madinah, and other mosques.

Prayer mat with kaaba

In fact, if you look around, you will even find one in your own house.

The reason it is now allowed to buy such prayer mats is that we step on the images of Kaaba or Masjid Al Nabawi unintentionally. Which is clearly a disrespect towards the holy place.

So, it is recommended not to buy them.

Buying the correct prayer mat

When you’re going with the prayer mat, make sure you buy ones without having any images of holy sites on them. Such as this one below;

correct jainamaz

You can find lots of prayer mats to buy easily, we have also given a link where you can find the correct prayer mats for your daily use.

But just in case you have one and you have to pray, then you have to handle the prayer mat with Kaaba images very carefully and with respect.

And finally, this is what Quran says about it;

surah al hajj verse 32

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