Did Elon Musk Praise Prophet Muhammad and Islam?

A number of people have been sharing the news of Elon Musk praising Islam and Prophet.
Elon Musk about Prophet Muhammad

We have been seeing a surge in the sharing of news that claims Elon Musk praising Islam for its scientific advancements and Prophet Muhammad for his leadership skills.


A number of sources on social media have been claiming that Elon Musk has praised Islam for his scientific advancements in a widely shared Instagram post and a YouTube video. And a video on YouTube claiming his positive view of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.



Elon Musk neither praised Islam for the scientific advancements nor praised Prophet Muhammad PBUH.


First let us clear the air about the scientific advancements statement, While talking to the World Government Summit just passed the statement about Islamic history with no mentions of praising anything. So, claiming that he praises Islam just because he mentioned the word “Islam” doesn’t make any sense. Hence the first part of the claim is false.

As for praising Prophet Muhammad PBUH, we find no link or evidence that supports the claim that he ever praised Prophet Muhammad PBUH. However, a show called The Deen Show uploaded a video on YouTube, which is misleading as it mentions Elon Musk and Prophet Muhammad PBUH and shows no links between the title and the video.

We at The Islamic Information believe in spreading truth around the world and we take such a claim seriously as it is directly related to Islam. Sharing misleading news is prohibited, a hadith tells a Muslim should not spread any news without verifying it.

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