Sad Pictures Of Wall Chalking on Mount Arafat By Pakistani Pilgrims

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Wall Chalking on Mount Arafat by Pakistani pilgrims, we all should condemn. This is a holy sight and should not be treated like that.

Wall chalking can be seen everywhere in Pakistan. If you visit the country you will see something written on the walls here and there throughout this country. Sad to see that Pakistani Pilgrims did not even leave this holy sight.

arafat mount wall chalking by Pakistanis
Siasat PK

Sadly, some Pakistani pilgrims who visit Mount Arafat while performing Hajj and Umrah, also leave their signs, such as writing their names and their business names on the mount, which is a holy place.

arafat mount wall chalking
Siasat PK

Mount Arafat is also known as Jabal Al Rehma, Not all of them but few people leave their names on this mountain which is worth condemning.

wall chalking on mount arafat
Siasat PK

If you look closely you can see Urdu written on this holy mount, names such as Ahmed Server, Ashraf Chakwal as well as some people also using their business names such as Ali Autos, this is very unnecessary.

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As we all know this has nothing to do with Hajj or Umrah or it is not written anywhere in the scriptures to leave your names of business names on the holy sights.

wall writing on mount arafat
Siasat PK

This is a humble request for the Pakistani Pilgrims to educate the people who come to perform Umrah or Hajj to not to do such things while performing a holy duty. By doing wall chalking on Mount Arafat you’re not just voiding your Hajj or Umrah but also disrespecting the holy sight.

Hoping the fact that the management at Mount Arafat would take necessary measures to stop the people openly disrespecting the holy place by doing the wall chalking.

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Have something to add? Feel free to drop your thoughts on this matter in the comments section below.

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what is wrong with these people, the authorities should make them clean it up

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