Interesting Story of 114 Years Old Bulb Installed in Masjid e Nabawi

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Social media is sharing a photo of a 114 years old bulb installed in Masjid e Nabawi in 1325 Hijri, which is now more than 114 years ago now.

114 Years Old Bulb Installed in Masjid e Nabawi
Photo via: ArabNews

As per the writing inscribed on the bulb, the installation date of this bulb is the same date when Arabian Peninsula entered, about 114 years ago.

As per Madinah Municipality web, Masjid e Nabawi’s construction and its expand-program during the Ottoman ruler Sultan Abdul Majid era took place around 1265 H and 1277 H. During that time, oil lamps were used in the mosque. Sultan Abdul Majid introduced electricity to the mosque after he installed this bulb for the first time on 25th of Shaban 1326 H.

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King Abdul Aziz started expansion work during 1370H and 1375H. At that point a power plant was installed to enlighten about 2,427 bulbs and lamps installed in masjid e Nabawi.

In a book written by Mohammad Al-Sayyid Al-Wakeel, he wrote;

Masjid e Nabawi was lit by palm fronds, when Tameen Al Dari arrived from Palestine around 9H, Tameem changed Oil Lamps. So Tameen Al Dari became the first person to lit a lamp in Masjid e Nabawi.

Mohammad Al-Sayyid Al-Wakeel wrote in his book.

Some writers claim that first lamp was lit by Omar Bin Al khattab when people gathered there for Taraweeh prayer.

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