Bibi Sakina: Birth, Death, Age and Life

bibi sakina

The battle of Karbala is one of the most historic battles in the history of Islamic civilization. The main reason for it was the participation of all age groups ranging from children, youth, adult men, and women to the elderly.

The children known to have participated in the struggle were Bibi Sakina (R.A), who was four years old at the time, and her six-month-old brother, Hazrat Ali Asghar.

They are children of Imam Hussain (R.A) with his wife Bibi Rubab (R.A). Here we will explain everything you need to know about Bibi Sakina, renowned for her patience and steadfastness in the battle of Karbala.

Life of Bibi Sakina

Sukayna or Sakina bint Hussain or known as Bibi Sakina is the youngest daughter of Imam Hussain (R.A). Imam Hussain is the son of the Fourth Caliph Ali Bin Abi Talib (R.A) with Fatima al-Zahra, the only daughter of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Her mother was Umme Rubab, daughter of Imra al-Qays, the chief of the tribe of Kinda.

Bibi Sakina was a lively child, full of love and happiness, no wonder everyone loved her very much. She was also known as a very religious little girl who enjoyed reading the Holy Quran. Her love for the Holy Quran was proven by her becoming hafiz-e Quran at the age of four.

Bibi Sakina’s inspirational story begins when she and her baby brother Ali Asghar join their father’s entourage Imam Hussain (R.A), against the military troops of Yazid I in the battle of Karbala. Still very young, Sakina had to watch her uncle, brother, and father be martyred in that battle.

After Imam Hussain’s martyrdom in Karbala, the little girl suffered innumerable hardships and oppression. While imprisoned in Darbar e Yazeed (Palace of Yazeed), she and Imam Hussain’s entourage, who are still alive, were detained in a dark prison with the prohibition of crying over the death of his father, Imam Hussain (R.A).

Bibi Sakina Real Name

Bibi Sakina’s real name is Ruqqayah bint Al Hussain. Sakina was given to this little girl because she brought peace to her father’s heart; Sakina itself means “peace” or “tranquility” in Arabic, while Bibi is a designation to honor women in Arabic. Other names or titles given to Bibi Sakina include Sukayna, Ruqqyam Masooma, Aatika, Khultum, and Zainab.

Birth Date of Bibi Sakina

Bibi Sakina was born on the 1st of Rajab in 57 Hijri in Medina. Imam Hussain felt over the birth of Bibi Sakina and used to compare her to his mother, Fatima Zahra. Therefore, Imam Hussain called her the daughter of Kheeratun Niswaan, the best of the ladies, just like her grandmother, who was known as Khairunnissa.

Date of Death of Bibi Sakina

Bibi Sakina died in Damascus on the 13th of Safar in the year 61 Hijri and was buried in the Sayyidah Ruqayya Mosque in Damascus, Syria.

Age of Bibi Sakina When She Died

Bibi Sakina, famous for being very generous and always sharing whatever she had with others, died at the age of four while a prisoner of the Cruel Caliph Yazid I, Son of Muaviyah.

How Bibi Sakina Died

While being held prisoner at the Yazid Palace in Sham, Bibi Sakina woke up one night crying and screaming for her father, Imam Hussain (R.A), who was already died. The cries of Sakina and the women of Ahlul Bayt who were crying with her heard and woke Yazid from his sleep.

Yazid, knowing the cries were coming from Bibi Sakina and Ahlul Bayt that mourning Imam Hussain, ordered his servants to send them Imam Hussain’s head which was placed on a silver tray.

Sakina opened the cloth on the tray and was immediately worried and shocked when she saw her father’s severed head covered in blood.

She cried so hard till she suddenly fell silent. Zain-ul Abideen (R.A), who examined Sakina, initially thought that her sister was asleep, but it turned out that Bibi Sakina had stopped breathing and died.

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