What Happened to Yazid After The Battle of Karbala?

An important incident in the history of Islam.
Yazid After The Battle of Karbala

As we all know, Yazid ibn Muawiyah, commonly known as Yazid I was the second Caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate who sent 4000-10,000 military troops led by Umar ibn Saad to fight the entourage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s grandson, Husayn ibn Ali (RA).

Not many people what happened to Yazid after the battle of Karbala was over and after his troops defeated Hussain (RA)’s entourage, which consists of only loyal relatives and companions of Hussain (RA).

This article will explain the detail of what happened to Yazid after the Battle of Kerbala.

The revolt of Abdullah Ibn al-Zubayr

The martyrdom of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prompted the anger of the Muslim community. Yazid’s rule faced a large-scale rebellion from Ibn al-Zubayr. Ibn al-Zubayr called for a Shura to elect a new caliph.

Yazid sent various gifts and delegations to persuade ibn Zubayr to give allegiance to him, but Zubayrn steadfastly refused.

Not remaining silent on this refusal, Yazid sent a force led by Ibn al-Zubayer’s brother, Amr, to arrest him. The party sent by Yazid was defeated, and Amr was captured and executed.

Ibn al-Zubayr’s influence to oppose Yazid’s government also spread to Medina. The resistance of the people of Medina against Yazid’s government was also motivated by their disappointment with the performance of the Umayyad rule, especially the agricultural project that confiscated their land.

Yazid, who was aware of the uprising that was taking place in Medina, invited notables of Medina to come to Damascus and tried to persuade them with gifts. They were not at all convinced. Instead, they recounted Yazid’s lavish lifestyle upon their return to Medina.

The people of Medina, led by Abdullah ibn Hanzala then gave up their allegiance to Yazid, and even expelled the governor, Yazid’s cousin, Uthman ibn Muhammad Ibn Sufyan.

Yazid then sent as many as 12,000 troops led by Umar to reconquer Medina.

The battle between the people of Medina and Yazid’s troops under the command of Muslim Ibn Uqba erupted on 26 August 683. This battle is commonly known as the Battle of Harra. The people of Medina were defeated in this battle.

Yazid’s troops then sacked Medina, and the leaders were executed, although some of them had already died on the battlefield, such as ibn Hanzalah. Yazid’s army also forced the rest of the rebels to renew their allegiance to Yazid.

Yazid and his forces made the blood flow into Masjid an Nabawi

Battle of Harra hadiths

Yazid’s army then headed to Makkah to subdue Ibn al-Zubayr, though, in fact, Ibn al-Zubayr had already established himself as the de facto leader of the region.

Yazid and forces also attacked the Holy Kaaba

Yazid’s army then besieged Makkah for weeks, and during the siege, the cloth covering the Kaabah caught fire. Yazid’s sudden death in November 683 pushes his troops to end the blockade.

yazid attack on Kaaba

Yazid’s army then besieged Mecca for weeks, and during the siege, the cloth covering the Kaabah caught fire. Yazid’s sudden death in November 683 pushes his troops to end the blockade.

Yazid’s Death and Succession

Yazid died just three years after the Battle of Kerbala. He died on 11 November 683, which is the same year, when he attacked the Kaaba and burned its Kiswa (black cloth).

His cause of death cannot be ascertained due to the lack of information, but some opinions say he did not die well.

Ibn al-Zubayr proclaimed himself the Caliph (683 – 692 CE), and Iraq, Egypt came under his rule.

On the other hand, Yazid’s son, Muawiya II, nominated before Yazid died, became Caliph. However, his control was very limited to parts of Syria as most of the territory had been controlled by Ibn al-Zubayr’s allies.

Muawiyah II also died a few months after becoming Caliph due to an unknown disease.

It is said that before he died, he had distanced himself from his father’s actions and also expressed grief over the fate that befell Hussain’s entourage.

Until now, Yazid is seen as an evil figure by many Muslims around the world. Shia and Sunni Muslims agree on this. They consider that the ruling position taken by Yazid rightly belongs to Hussain (RA)’s father, Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA), and his descendants, including Hussain (RA).

As we can see, Yazid and his followers who had killed Hussain (RA) and his people in the Battle of Kerbala did not last long. Either they live their lives in terrible states or died very quickly. May Allah Ta’ala deal with them in the manner they deserve.

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