Place in Saudi Arabia where Prophet Musa (AS) Lived for 10 Years

Place in Saudi Arabia where Prophet Musa AS Lived 10 years

Prophet Musa AS (Christians know him as Moses) was a prophet that Allah sent to Bani Israel. Many people do not know that Prophet Musa (AS) spent 10 years of his life in Saudi Arabia.

When Prophet Musa (AS) killed an Egyptian while supporting a person from Bani Israel, Pharaoh gave the order that Musa should be captured. When Prophet Musa (AS) found out about this, he decided to leave the city to Madyan.

Upon reaching Madyan city, he (AS) went to a nearby well to drink water. He saw two girls waiting for their turn, so they can get some water for their sheep herd, it was then Prophet Musa (AS) helped them.

After Prophet Musa (AS) fetched the water for the girls, they went to their water and told him about Prophet Musa (AS) and asked him to reward him [Musa] for his help.

Madyan city
al arabiyah

He [Father of the girls] saw that Prophet Musa was courteous so the father asked him to stay with them for 8 years, which was later extended to the tenure of 10 years. After that, Prophet Musa AS married one of those girls and the father of those girls was Prophet Shoaib AS.

The daughter of Prophet Shoaib AS who Prophet Musa AS married was Zipporah.

magher shoaib
al arabiyah

We have read about Musa AS that he was born in Egypt and brought up by Pharaoh’s wife in the palace of Pharaoh. The place where he stayed known as Maghaer Shoaib these days.

This location can be found 225 kilomerters away from the northwest of Tabuk, Saudi arabia.

place where prophet musa gave water to prophet shoaib daughters

It is located in AL Bida province at the northwestern side of Arabian Peninsula. When you visit Saudi arabia for Hajj or umrah, do not forget to visit this place. This is indeed one of the historical places in the world for Muslims.

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