A Lesson To Learn From The Marriage Of Ali (RA) and Fatimah (RA)

A Lesson To Learn From The Marriage Of Ali (RA) and Fatimah (RA)

Ali (RA) and Fatimah (RA)‘s marriage was one of the greatest ever on the earth. Despite Allah’s last Prophet (PBUH), he kept it really simple.


With the birth of a girl, Pakistani/Indian parents especially mothers get worried regarding the “jahez” & even they begin saving all the possible necessary things for them like blankets, bed sheets & pots. However what our Holy Prophet PBUH collected for his daughter? Read this hadith.

Ihqaqul-Haq vol. 10 pg. 358

Holy Prophet PBUH ordered to sell Ali (RA)’s armor & the cash brought to him, which calculated to regarding five hundred Dirhams. Prophet PBUH divided this cash into 3 parts. The 2 parts were put aside for buying the household product & clothes & another one part he gave to Bilal (RA) to buy a nice fragranced perfume.

In historical records, it has been recorded that the trousseau bought with this cash consisted of eighteen items & It is visible how easy & low-cost these product should are, have been bought with such a normal amount of cash & which the most necessary are listed below;

  • 1 piece of dress material for one Dirham.
  • 1 large scarf for four Dirhams.
  • 4 Pillows of sheepskin filled with a sweet-smelling grass known as “Azkhar”
  • 1 bed made of wood and palm leaves.
  • 1 large Green-colored earthen pot (a pitcher) so on.
  • 1 mat.
  • 1 woolen curtain.
  • 1 leather water-skin.
  • 1 hand mill.
  • 1 large container for milking.
  • 1 Copper wash-tub.

We all should search before saying, “This is what Islam says”. We have molded the Islamic rules according to our lifestyles rather than practicing what has been already written.

If you look at the details of the wedding ceremony of Ali (RA) & Bibi Fatimah (RA), you’ll get a very clear plan of how they executed the Shariat perfectly! People usually claim that we are living in the twenty-first century where the mentioned home goods are outdated, these individuals should notice the simplicity in these things rather than being worried regarding their “out of fashion”!

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