Makkah Imam Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib Arrested By Saudi Arabian Police

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Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib who is a famous Makkah Imam, as well as the Preacher of Masjid Al Haram (Grand Mosque), has been arrested by Saudi Arabian forces as per the reports of Social media group Prisoners of Conscience.

After a lot of fuzz, an activist cleared the air by telling that Makkah Imam Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib was arrested after a talk on EVIL DOING.

He was arrested after he criticized King Salman and all the things he did wrong.

Al Talib tweeted our few tweets related to the topic of Hajj. Questions are spreading whether Al Talib made this social media post himself.

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al talib tweet arrest
Translation: Beauty, beauty, and beauty is the inspiration for the appearance of the pilgrims in the sanctuary of God, and in the paths of feelings, and in the union of their description and the whiteness of their dress, and in their timeless supplication: “I have no partner for you, but you have no partner for you. Praise be to you and the king. ARAFFA day

Since 2017, King Salman has initiated a long-term arrest campaign which has led the Saudi forces to arrest journalists, human rights activists, moderate clerics as well as people in a business.

And these arrests has now reached Liberals and similar thinking people who are openly expressing how they think about different situations. Since Saudi Arabia never allows liberalism, so their security forces are making arrests whoever going against their law.

Last week, An Islamic scholar Sheikh Suleiman Dweesh lost the battle of his life in a Saudi Arabian jail after a long-term torture by security forces inside the jail. Islamic scholar Sheikh Suleiman Dweesh was arrested in April of 2016 after he openly shared his views which went against King Mohammad Bin Salman.

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And the same thing happened with famous Makkah Imam Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib, only the sources can confirm that he has been arrested and kept in jail.

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