A Reminder For All The Worlds – Quran

A Reminder For All The Worlds Quran
Ayesha Firdaus

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! I pray that Allah grants you overall wellbeing in this Dunya and the akhirah! Aameen!

What’s the Quran?

Ever thought?

It is not just a book. Creation does not write it. It is the words of Allah. When you have a love letter from your loved one, how will you read it?
Probably with a smile on your face.

The Quran is a love letter from the most loving. The blessed reminder. The light was sent to the world when it was full of darkness. Mercy from the most merciful. It is a cure from the one who cures. Guidance from the one who guides. It’s a book full of wisdom, from the All-wise. Every ayah of the Quran has wisdom. It is the criterion, which probably most of us ignore.

Do you have a relationship with the Quran?

If not, and you want to have a relationship with the Quran(You should), a piece of advice from me would be that taking baby steps first. For example, start reading 1 page daily. Don’t plan first steps to be big, instead take baby steps. Because gradually, it may seem like a burden.

Tips for those who have a relationship with the Quran and want to improve and for those who don’t have a relationship with the Quran but want to have:

When you recite it, remember you are in an intimate conversation with Allah azzajawal, he is talking to you. Hear your recitation nicely when you recite.

  • The time when you are reciting the Quran, that’s a moment of love between you and Allah. Because when you recite the Quran-Allah loves it.
  • Try to recite the Quran beautifully.
  • You should have a consistent relationship. You should not open the Quran only once a week, month, or a year but daily.
  • Reflect upon the Quran because it was sent to be reflected upon.
  • Understanding the Quran: The Quran is in four parts in meaning.

This means that a part of the Quran is straightforward to understand, for example, the first ayah of surah ikhlas. And there is a part which almost everybody can learn. And there’s a part of the Quran which only scholars can know, and there’s a part of the Quran which only Allah alone knows. While you are created, the Quran is uncreated, so how can a created thing ever understand an uncreated thing?

Always remember you will never be able to understand the Quran fully. So when you read, for example, the translation and tafsir of one ayah, could you not say I understood this ayah?

Here are some keys to understanding the Quran:

1. Love the Quran

If I ask you, do you love the Quran, you are probably going to say yes. But let’s check if that claim is true or not. Think about someone whom you love or something you love. Let’s take our favorite food!

Now, think, how do you feel about your really favourite food?

  • You miss it.
  • You don’t get bored with it.

And there are perhaps many more feelings that you know yourself!

Now, apply this to the Quran, do you miss the Quran?

  • How many times do you miss the Quran in a day?
  • Do you not get bored when reciting the Quran?

Most probably, your answer to both questions is going to be no. And perhaps the other feelings that you have for your really favorite food, you don’t have it for the Quran.

But Allah can do anything!

Ask Allah to make you love his words.

Move the relationship with the Quran to a relationship of love.

2)To have goals – what do I need from the Qur’an?

Remember-I wants to learn what I want to apply. What do you want from the Quran?

Perhaps guidance in your day-to-day activities.

Think about it and then look for it in the Quran. And alhamdulillah nowadays we need to search about something we want from the Quran, and we have the ayah on our screen!

There’s a really good website,alhumdulillah-Quran.com, you can search there, for example, if you search patience, you will have certain verses of the Quran which have something about patience in them, Insha Allah.

3. Practice it

Practice the Quran in your life. It’s a big thing and also most probably difficult most of the time. But it pleases Allah. You get to get closer to your real master.

Additional tip:

Its really good,almost in all the article,what I have written,I came to know that through this playlist!
I hope that helps!

May Allah make it easy for us to do every good deed only for him!



Written by Sundus

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