Christians and Jews Condemned Quran Burning In Sweden

quran burning sweden
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The burning of the Quran in a protest in front of the Turkish Embassy building in Stockholm, Sweden, last weekend received criticism from various parties. Not only Muslims but the Christian and Jewish communities also condemned this despicable act in different parts of the world in a touching display of religious solidarity.

In Russia, the Christian community condemned the Quran-burning accident committed by Danish right-wing racist politician Rasmus Paludan. The Synodal Department Chairperson for the Russian Church Relations with Society and Mass Media, Vladimir Legoyda, denounced the incident as an “unacceptable act of vandalism.”

Legoyda wrote on his Twitter account that the boundaries of humanity cannot be crossed and that political struggles should not hurt the sanctity of religion.

Meanwhile, the Jewish community in Turkey condemned Paludan’s actions, calling it a “hate crime” and “religious terror.” As a whole community, they strongly condemned Rasmus Palundan and the people who allowed him to burn the Quran

The Turkish Armenian Patriarchate said that the “heinous act” not only offends the religious feelings of people of the Islamic faith, but there is also a movement to incite feelings of hostility between people of different religions.

The Turkish Armenian Patriarchate, Sahak Mashalian, the Church’s Spiritual Council, pastors, foundation boards, and the Turkish Armenian community collectively condemn the incident of the Quran burning in Sweden.

Paludan’s demonstration and the Quran burning, which was held in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, received permission and protection from the Swedish police, citing freedom of expression.

As a result of this incident, Turkey has summoned the Swedish ambassador to protest against the Quran burning permission and cancel the visit of the Minister of Defense of Sweden to Ankara.

Previously, many Muslim countries have also expressed their anger over the burning of the Muslim holy book.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar strongly criticized the Swedish authorities for granting Paludan permission to burn the Quran. The United Arab Emirates also condemned the incident and reaffirmed its “rejection of all practices aimed at undermining security and stability that are contrary to human and moral values and principles.”

Indonesia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also condemned this inappropriate incident.

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