Najiaying Mosque Gets Party Slogan After Government Removes Quranic Ayahs

A recent Chinese campaign in China aims at destroying Mosques and replacing them with Pagodas.
Najiaying Mosque

Mosque run by Hui Muslims in Southwest China was demolished and turned into Pagodas.

As Xi’s “Sinicization” a Chinese campaign against other religions in China progressed, another Muslim Mosque was demolished recently. The mosque’s dome and minarets were turned into pagodas.

A mosque in a Muslim-dominated town in southwestern China had its dome and minarets demolished. As the following trend ran it was refitted with Chinese style Pagodas and billboards with slogans praising the Chinese Communist Party. Every update was given by a resident and an overseas Muslim with connections to the area.

The town of Nagu, in Yunnan Province, has been a center of dozens of detained residents since last May. It all started after clashes with police, and then the government’s demolition team was sent down to demolish the historic Najiaying Mosque.

This destruction is not only part of religious “sinicization” but also a symbol of Chinese communism prevailing in the region. Under President Xi Jinping a nationwide crackdown on Chinese Muslims continues, and other religions like Christianity, and Tibetan Buddhist activities also suffer greatly.

The mosque used to be run by Hui Muslims and has recently expanded its minarets and dome. This move was ruled illegal by the court of Yunnan’s Tonghai County.

However, a nearby Muslim told the people “It’s open now” after receiving a Chinese-style makeover. Due to the fear of reprisals, this person only gave his surname “Ma” and added, “It was renovated and the dome changed into a Chinese-style building following the demolition.”

Residents were not hesitant to share a pic of the mosque with a clear slogan,
“Obey the Party. Be grateful to the Party. Follow the Party.”

This Signage made a clear instruction to all the Muslims living there to, “Follow the party.” The mosque is located in a place home to a large Hui Muslim population. Most of the local mosques have already changed and the process continues.

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