Indian Police Forcing Imams To Announce “Qurbani is a Punishable Crime”

Indian Police Forcing Imams To Announce _Qurbani is a punishable crime_

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Indian police are trying their best to oppress Muslims by forcing Imams to announce “Qurbani is a Punishable Crime”, this is happening all around India.

A video went viral on Twitter bragging a lot of views which shows Indian Police is actively forcing Muslim imams to announce that sacrificing is an act of violence in India and whoever does it will have to face the law.

In other news, we have also heard that Indian men beating Muslim man by falsely accusing him of eating beef while in the other news we must have seen how Indian men stopped Muslims to pray Friday prayers. These things are not new for Muslims living in India as they have continuously faced a lot of trouble following their religion, Islam.

This video is evidence that this is actually happening, but these innocent Muslims cannot raise their voice against the Indian police as their lives can be on stake.

Watch how Indian Police is forcing Imam to announce that Qurbani (Animal Sacrifice) is Punishable all Around India

Indian or any media around the world is not showing it, nobody is talking about this oppression. Kindly take out a minute and share this article with everyone to raise awareness. Sharing it will help these Muslims to sacrifice their Animals with ease.

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