Tasnim Nazeer Becomes First Hijabi Journalist To Present With Hijab

Tasnim Nazeer

A 34-year-old Scottish journalist, Tasnim Nazeer, became the first-ever journalist from her community to deliver the news while having her head covered.

Tasnim Nazeer, the local of Glasgow, Scotland, formed a historic move as the first-ever Hijabi to share the news at, STV news, a Scottish news channel.

Tasnim Nazeer podcast

Being the first lady to follow it, it wasn’t simple for her. She went through many prejudices and discrimination before achieving this place. A lot of times people told her that she does not maintain that TV look yet, she proved herself.

A mother to five kids, she delivered the news report at STV news without any support from the bereaved acquaintances within Scotland while covering her head.

For the struggle which she made with her religion, she stated that it was difficult for her as some occasions. She lost her confidence when she was told that someone else should appear at her place. At that time, she thought to give up but her persistence didn’t permit her to do so.

People also told her that she can become more attractive without her scarf, yet she rejected those offers. At last, the STV channel gave her the chance and never looked back on giving her any such suggestions.

tasneem award winning journalist

Tasnim Nazeer wrote a lot for many online publications and print; The Guardian, BBC Radio 2, Al-Jazeera English, The Huffington Post, and TRT World.

She is also an author to a variety of books including; Aleena Celebrates Eid, Allah’s Gifts, Muslimah’s Key to Jannah, Its Ramadan, and one book is related to Islamic Finance which is in process.

She had also won “Rising Stars in Media Awards – 2018” powered by the global network of media, FIPP. Besides, she also achieved “interfaith journalism”, “Ibn Battuta Award for Excellence in Media for Human Rights”, and “Muslim News for excellence 2013” awards.

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