Canadian Hijabi Girl, Khawlah Noman SCARED After Attacked Twice While On Her Way To School

"I was very SCARED!", Khawlah Noman
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Khawlah Noman was on her way to school when an unknown guy came to her and tried to cut her Hijab, not just once, but twice! This incident created terror in that area of Canada.

Khawlah Noman was on her way to Pauline Johnson Public school in the Scarborough area. While she was walking towards school she felt something on her back after she turned her face around she saw a man cutting her hijab with a scissor. After seeing this, she got terrified, she shouted and ran away. But after 10 minutes that attacker came back and attacked her twice by continuing to cut her hijab with that scissor.

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She, 11 years old, is surprisingly not injured but her hijab has many cuts on it which is one of the biggest evidence of the attack. Police added that Pauline Johnson Public School has students that belong to different background and different cultures, but kids coming to this school should not face such kind of problem that scared or demotivate them to come to School.

Police also said that an attacker is an Asian man with black hair who wears glasses and is of medium built. Khawlah’s mother said she is happy that her daughter is safe. Furthermore, Khawlah said that she is proud to be a Canadian and will always be Canadian but his incident really scared her.

I am very afraid to walk to my school, Khawlah said while talking to reporters.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also condemned the attack on an 11 years old Muslim girl, said he will be doing more to protect kids from such attacks and the culprits will be soon in the circle of law enforcement agencies.

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Toronto Mayor John Tory titled this attack as the “ACT OF HATE” which Canada will never tolerate. All the politicians and influencers have condemned this attack.

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