Turkish scholar Sheikh Mahmud Effendi Passes Away at 93

Sheikh Mahmud Effendi

93-year-old Sheikh Mahmud Effendi was one of Turkey’s most influential Islamic scholars and teachers.

He was hospitalized for two weeks to get treated for an infection before he died in Istanbul on Thursday.

The grandson of His Excellency Mahmud Effendi, my grandfather, announced on Twitter that he had reached Allah.

Fatih Mosque in Istanbul will hold a funeral prayer after Friday’s Jumu’ah prayer.

Effendi was born in Trabzon, a northern province of Turkey. After becoming a hafiz by the age of ten, he studied Arabic and Persian, and studied Islamic Sciences, obtaining his madrassah ijazah at 16.

Ahiskali Ali Haydar Efendi became his murshid after meeting Ahiskali Ali Haydar Efendi in 1952. Upon Ali Haydar Efendi’s appointment, he became the imam of the Smailaia Mosque in 1954. Following his mentor’s death in 1960, he assumed leadership of the tariqa.

Three weeks per year were dedicated to teaching in Turkey, and he made several educational and missionary tours to Uzbekistan, India, Germany, and the U.S. He has written a Qur’an commentary in Turkish called Ruhu’l Furkan.

The Sheikh Effendi has millions of followers and established many charitable, social, and religious organizations, including the Marifet Association, the Federation of Marifet Associations, and the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaah Confederation. Based on sincerity, he stressed service to humanity.

After retiring from the Ismailaga mosque in 1996, he kept a low profile for the remainder of his life.

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