Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar Shoots Music Video In A Mosque

Bilal saeed saba qamar Music Video In A Mosque

Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar and Singer Bilal Saeed Shoot Music Video in a Mosque in Pakistan. This act sparks outrage as people seek answers.

Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan was used in the shooting of the upcoming Music video of Bilal Saeed in which Saba Qamar is staring, in the song called “Qubool“. The actress also posted the update on her Instagram;

According to the sources, this song is directed by Saba Qamar herself as the Music video credits list herself as, Director.

This news came to the attention when it was broadcasted by local Pakistani news channels during their news bulletin.

People of Pakistan have been urging the Government of Pakistan to take action against this act as this shows complete disrespect for the mosque. And also urging to held accountable to those who gave permission to the actress and her crew for the music video shooting.

tweets after qubool music video

As Music is highly discouraged in the religion of Islam, the shooting of Music video in which Bilal Saeed and Saba had been seen being romantic is showing utter disrespect to the place of worship.

According to Twitter users, Dancing is a mosque between two people who aren’t even related (Na Mahram) shows how much Pakistani actors care about religion.

People have also been seen tagging PEMRA, which is the media-controlling authority in Pakistan to stop or ban the broadcast of the Music Video so that no one in the future tries to shoot the Music Video in a mosque.

Many people critisized the actress that as a Muslim she knew the protocols a mosque has, but still went with something that is forbidden in Islam, while no one stopped her.

Drop your opnion in the comment box below so people can read what you think about it.

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