Ihram with Nanotechnology, Unique Ihram That Was Used In The Hajj 2020

Ihram with Nanotechnology 1

Nanotechnology is very helpful in terms of avoiding bacterial growth and allowing the carpets to get clean on a deep level. As a lot of people appear for Hajj throughout the world, keeping the Holy Mosques clean becomes a huge task.

The support that the Saudi Arabians and their government gave to the pilgrims concerning the Hajj is highly commendable. Many volunteers teamed up with the Saudi Arabian government to perform the Hajj safely and to make it more simple for them. 

Now, while developing the list of necessary items concerning the Hajj, people will surely add bacteria-killing ihram in it. 

nano ihram

This future of Ihram was planned by Hammad Al Yami. He created its design and developed the methods to utilize his idea into a reality. At first, he was trying to develop contact with Dubai based designers.

Hammad Al Yami

However, he wanted to make this Ihram a purchasable item so that every pilgrim can afford it. Thus, he emphasized Pakistan for his plan. And here, he made it to have the desired quality at an affordable cost.

ihram nanotechnology

After developing his setup, he planned out a meeting with Emir of Makkah to get support with the finances for converting his idea into a reality. His idea got the attraction of the Emir of Makkah, Prince Khaled Al Faisal. He delivered the report to a study center present in Makkah. He became aware of these supportive moves. He lent the full support to Al Yami.

This innovative and future Ihram will decrease the risk of the spreading of virus, a lot, which is necessary for this Hajj season. Already being revolutionary, this invention appears to be business-friendly as well. Yet, Hammad had a religious purpose only in terms of creating it. 

The Ihram which is made in Pakistan with nanosilver technology, has made it to reach the shelves. 

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